How to Get Flawless Skin with Spa Ceylon Body Scrubs

Spa Ceylon Body Scrubs Our skin is continuously exposed to irritants on a daily basis. Many elements work against our skin's natural radiance, including dead skin cells, oil residue, changes in the weather, and even stress. While most skin care routines focus on...

A Simple But Nourishing Relaxed Hair Care Regimen

Relaxed hair may appear smooth and elegant. It's just as high-maintenance as natural hair in its own way. Because chemical straightening is such a severe process, it's critical to nourish your hair to keep it healthy. A good relaxed healthy hair regimen doesn't have...

Destress Balm to Help You Relax and Unwind

Isn't it true that if there was ever a time when you needed a little more aid to de-stress, it's during a global pandemic? Essential oils may not be able to solve all of our issues but they may certainly enable us to regulate and improve our thinking – and possibly...

Unlock Deep Restful Sleep

Unlock Deep Restful Sleep

Sleep: We need it, young or old, and arguably just as much as we need food, air, and water. Around 6 million people in Malaysia, however, are reported to suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, including insomnia. At Spa Ceylon, We understand that everyone tosses and turns from time to time! Although there are various reasons for not sleeping and it can vary from person to person, we must let our bodies rest with sleep intense dream balm Spa Ceylon and rejuvenate to feel ready for the next day to be alert.

At Spa Ceylon, we provide support for all adults and children who have multiple explanations why they can’t sleep. Adults have a hard time turning off their minds long enough to fall asleep, for the most part, and they use comfort relieving Balm Spa Ceylon. We provide Spa Ceylon Ayurveda and it provides solutions to all problems that occur due to lack of sleep!

At Spa Ceylon Malaysia, from a holistic viewpoint, we approach being healthy, which means eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, and having plenty of sleep. And what does intense sleep-dream balm do when it’s hard to find sleep? We turn to the art of aromatherapy to calm, relax, uplift, and clear agitated minds using pure botanical essences.

It is important to remember that our sleep balms are not medications, and are not intended to diagnose, cure, or otherwise solve medical conditions, since Spa Ceylon Malaysia produces sleep balms. To decide the appropriate course of action, you can contact your doctor or nurse if you have a severe sleep problem. That being said, if you like lovely soft skin and dreamy blends of aromatherapy, then read on, please!

Features of Spa Ceylon Sleep Balm, the main ingredient that is 100% natural Spa Ceylon Ayurveda that evokes a mind-clearing walk in the forest, only from the comfort of your bed. This magical balm, as well as warming, is both refreshing and relaxing for the body, helping to ease you into a calm state of mind so that sleep can come naturally.

A reassuring blend of Ayurvedic Malaysia herbs and strong essential oils that have a stimulating and calming effect. Naturally, this sleep balm soothes and eases the mind, body, and spirit, ideal for helping you relax softly after a long day. All you need to do is apply the Spa Ceylon sleep balm thinly to the temples, behind the ears, back of the neck, and inner wrists; breathe in and relax gently. For the best result, for total relaxation, use this just before you go to sleep.

Notable sleep intense dream balm review points from customers:

I notice that spa Ceylon sleep intense Balm has a milder smell than Sleep Balm, apart from having various essential oil blends. But both can be used at any time by anyone in the household, since neither balm is a prescription, they don’t necessarily make you sleepy. The Spa Ceylon Sleep Intense Balm, I find especially soothing to use at work. I have also tried using Spa Ceylon bb cream, Spa Ceylon detox, Spa Ceylon face wash, Spa Ceylon hair treatment. I purchased Spa Ceylon gift packs and it’s wonderful. Check out Spa Ceylon outlets and also upgrade for Spa Ceylon membership to get the products at the best prices.

Tis the Season to Be Jolly’: Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved One with Spa Ceylon

Tis the Season to Be Jolly’: Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved One with Spa Ceylon

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We all love Christmas, there’s something special about the holidays; there is a sense of family and togetherness, and of course, there are gifts. After the year we’ve had, there has never been a better time to celebrate Christmas by spreading love and joy. However, along with the good times, there is a certain anxiety that comes with the season, specifically gift-giving anxiety.

While we love receiving gifts, giving gifts is a challenge, to say the least. Not only is it tough to choose something that is sentimental yet useful, but Christmas shopping is so stressful! Throngs of people flock to the shops all in search of a perfect gift— and in a post-pandemic world, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a confined space with hundreds of people!

This year, Spa Ceylon wants to ease your holiday-anxiety. Buying gifts should be a treat not just for the receiver, but for you as well. This is why you can find the perfect gifts all from the comfort of your couch

A home spa set is one of the most indulgent Christmas gifts for him or her. As much as we love relaxing spa treatments, unfortunately, in today’s climate, it is rather unlikely that we will be able to go for a massage until the virus is no longer a threat. This gift is excellent because you will be able to bring the spa to them! We have four different spa sets available, each with a different scent so that you can choose something that will suit your giftee. This home spa set includes Bath and Body care products, Hydrating Balms, Cleansing Bars, Body Mists, and more from our Cardamom Rose, Peace Lemongrass, Ceylon Tea and Sleep Range.

Finally, if you have to give someone a Christmas gift-cum-housewarming gift, our Home Aroma sets are the ideal gift. Incense sticks and candles are a great option because it is something that can be used every day and that will last a long time. You can choose one out of many different fragrances, or another fun option would be to give them a mix of incense sticks and candles so that they can choose an aroma that suits them.

These gift ideas will definitely spread the Christmas cheer and reduce the Christmas fear. Get shopping today!

Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin

Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair And Skin

Whether a household tale or a fact, it has been known that virgin coconut oil can fix anything; from improving skin, hair and gum health to even aiding digestion – so it’s no surprise that coconut oil is considered to be a miracle elixir.

Spa Ceylon’s virgin coconut oil is sourced from the tropical island of Sri Lanka; hand-picked from verdant coconut estates which are then cold-pressed and left unrefined. This oil retains all the nutrients from the coconuts, which is why virgin coconut oil is good for the hair and skin.

To experience the many health and beauty benefits of virgin coconut oil, try these products from Spa Ceylon’s Virgin Coconut Oil and you are guaranteed to see a difference in your skin and hair condition.

The Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For The Skin
Virgin coconut oil will benefit any skin type, but especially for those who have dry and sensitive skin. The oil contains deep-acting vitamins which hydrate the skin making it softer, more supple and healthier. Here are some uses of virgin coconut oil for the skin.

To soothe skin irritation, like eczema, and since it’s a 100% all-natural product it is very beneficial for people with sensitive skin.
The nourishing vitamins hydrate the skin and so it’s recommended for people with dry skin.
Restores natural balance to dry lips.
Improves skin elasticity and accelerates the overnight recovery process.
Try some of these products from Spa Ceylon’s Pure Virgin Coconut range:


Virgin Coconut Pure & Natural Organic Oil

Nothing nourishes the skin and hair better quite like virgin coconut oil. Our Virgin Coconut Pure & Natural Organic Oil is as simple as it gets; handpicked from the lush coconut estates in Sri Lanka and naturally cold-pressed, this oil is rich in antioxidants and helps hydrate, soften and repair damaged skin or hair. This can be used daily, just apply over your face and hair and let it sit for at least one hour or even overnight.


Virgin Coconut Night Repair Face Treatment Oil

Virgin coconut oil has many benefits for the face as it hydrates the skin making it look soft and supple. Try our light and fast absorbent Virgin Coconut Night Repair Face Treatment Oil. Made from a blend of pure virgin coconut oil and other natural oils like olive oil and arnica, this formula helps accelerate overnight skin recovery so that you wake with refreshed and smooth skin.


The Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For The Hair
In Sri Lanka, the benefits of virgin coconut oil for the hair are no secret, in fact, mothers applying coconut oil onto their children’s hair is a common ritual in Sri Lanka. With this tradition in mind, we infused all the goodness of this oil into some of our Spa Ceylon hair care products.

Some of the benefits include:

Protecting the hair from sun damage or damage caused by heat treatment. This is especially beneficial for people who frequently colour their hair.
Promotes hair growth.
Soothes scalp irritation.
Try some of these products from Spa Ceylon’s Pure Virgin Coconut range:


Virgin Coconut Hair and Body Natural Butter

When Should You Start Using Anti-Ageing Products?

When Should You Start Using Anti-Ageing Products?

More often than not, when we hear phrases like “skincare regimen” or “skincare routine” it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. With an abundance of products available, it can be difficult trying to find a product that will suit you, and when you add “anti-ageing” to the mix, it only confuses you more! For those of us who are nearing the golden years, we begin to wonder “when should you start using anti-ageing products?”; is it still too early, or worse are we too late?! Keep reading to find out about what happens to our skin as we age and the products, we can use to combat it.

What Happens To The Skin As We Age?
Gradual changes happen to the skin as we get older– that’s inevitable. There are changes beneath the surface of the skin as the collagen and the elastic fibres of our skin begin to degrade and wear off, causing the skin to droop a little and wrinkle. Also, as we age, our skin becomes thinner, giving it a papery look to it which increases the visibility of blood vessels.

How Do Anti-Ageing Products Help?
Anti-ageing products can help the skin in many ways, from preventing the formation of wrinkles, reducing dark spots and even tightening the skin; anti-ageing creams and serums can truly work wonders, especially if you start them relatively early. It is recommended to start using anti-ageing products between your 20s and 30s, but the golden rule is to start using sunscreen as early as 20 because this can aid in the prevention of ageing skin from an early age.

What Products To Use
At Spa Ceylon, we believe that a natural anti-ageing skincare routine is the best. However, please keep in mind that everyone has a different skin type and they must use products suited for them. With that in mind, for the best anti-ageing skincare routine the way in which you layer your products can significantly affect the effectiveness of your regime. Before you apply any products on your skin you must first cleanse your skin, after that the products change depending on the time of day.

For the morning: cleanser, toner, moisturiser, and then sunscreen.

For the evening: cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturiser.

Try some of our products made using all-natural Ayurvedic ingredients sourced from Sri Lanka.


Suncare Moisture Care Anti-Age Face Cream SPF +50

Sunscreen is perhaps the easiest and most effective anti-ageing product to use. UV rays from the sun are very harsh on the skin and can accelerate ageing. Spa Ceylon’s Suncare Moisture Care Anti-Age Face Cream is a lightweight easy absorbent cream which is best applied over your moisturiser.


White Rice Nourishing All Day Protector

The best moisturiser for ageing skin should moisturise, hydrate and protect the skin, and this is exactly what our White Rice Nourishing All Day Protector does. The rice bran oil contains gamma oryzanol which gives the skin a youthful look, while the green tea and bearberry reduces skin cells from darkening. This moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and the mattifying finish won’t make your face look oily or shiny.

What Causes Insomnia and Natural Remedies for Sleep

What Causes Insomnia and Natural Remedies for Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Even after a long day at work, you feel both physically and mentally drained but as soon as you get into bed, you’re wide awake tossing from side to side desperately trying to fall asleep but failing? Well, if this a constant reality for you then it can be quite possible that you are suffering from insomnia. If you are having trouble sleeping, read more to find out about the causes of insomnia and natural remedies for insomnia.

What is Insomnia?
Insomnia is a sleep disorder where you experience a sleepless night. Conditions can be either acute (where you will only be affected for a short term) or it can be chronic which lasts for a long time, the latter being slightly more serious. There are also different types of insomnia: primary and secondary.

Primary insomnia:

This means your sleeplessness is not linked to any other health problems or conditions.
Causes of primary insomnia may include: stress due to work or other big life changes, disturbances in your soundings or if there have been changes to your sleep schedule like jetlag.
Secondary insomnia:

For this type of insomnia, you are having trouble sleeping because of health conditions like asthma or depression; pain; medication or substances like alcohol. Also, changes in your body like menopause can cause insomnia.
In this instance, the causes of sleeplessness may be due to mental health issues, certain medication, pain or other sleep conditions like sleep apnea.
Symptoms of Insomnia
While the most obvious indicator of an insomniac is that they can’t go to sleep, there are some other symptoms which will help you determine whether you suffer from insomnia or not. Some of the other symptoms of insomnia include:

Feeling sleepy or fatigued during the day
Irritability, depression, or anxiety
Unable to concentrate or focus
Worry or anxiety
How to Treat Insomnia

There are a number of ways to treat insomnia that vary from counselling, cognitive behavioural treatment or even medication. While these are very effective methods to tackle sleeplessness, there some natural remedies for sleep that are very easy and can help you manage it.

Good Sleeping Habits:
Try to stick to a schedule so that you go to sleep and wake up at a regular time. A schedule helps to create a habit, which will help tackle your sleep disorder.
Reduce Screen Time
One of the biggest culprits of insomnia are laptops and smart phones. While they are great during the day because they keep us connected, it also makes it challenging for us to disconnect at night. Avoid using any digital devices at least 45 minutes before your bedtime.
Dietary Habits:
Diet plays a vital role in everything you do, and it can have a major effect on your sleep. Avoid going to bed hungry because you are guaranteed to wake up in the middle of the night famished, but with that said finish eating at least 2 – 3 hours before sleeping. Also, limit your caffeine and alcohol intake, if you’re an avid coffee drinker try and have your last cup at around 4pm.


You can also use some calming and sleep-inducing products to help fall asleep better. Try some of our treatments from Spa Ceylon’s SLEEP INTENSE range which will instantly make you feel relaxed and set the mood for a good night’s sleep.




A comforting blend of Ayurvedic herbs and potent essential oils which have a calming and relaxing effect. This balm naturally soothes and eases the mind, body and soul— perfect to help you gently unwind after a long day. All you need to do is finely apply the balm on the temples, behind the ears, back of the neck and inner wrists; gently breathe in and relax. For the best effect, use this just before you go to sleep for ultimate relaxation.


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