A Simple But Nourishing Relaxed Hair Care Regimen

Relaxed hair may appear smooth and elegant. It’s just as high-maintenance as natural hair in its own way. Because chemical straightening is such a severe process, it’s critical to nourish your hair to keep it healthy. A good relaxed healthy hair regimen doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it should be followed consistently along with the Ayurveda haircare nourishment. There are many parallels between caring for relaxed hair and caring for natural hair, but there are a few key differences. Follow with Spa Ceylon for total hair care regimen.

Check out Spa Ceylon relaxed hair care routine with calming & hydrating Ayurveda herbs & essential oils.

Use a moisturising Neroli Jasmine – Hair Cleanser on your hair.

Use our high-quality moisturising Neroli Jasmine Hair Cleanser at least one a week. Firstly, cleanse your scalp, with your fingers to massage in circular motions, then let the water work the suds down the length of your locks. Avoid stacking your hair on top of your head or pushing cleanser into your ends vigorously. Rinse the hair well.

How to?

Apply a Spa Ceylon moisturising conditioner based on your choice such as sandalwood vetiver hair conditioner or aloe vera water grass hair conditioner as meant for dry and/or damaged hair afterward, as these products usually have the caring herbs & fragrant refreshing essential oils that every beautiful hair need.

When it comes to deep conditioning, how often should you do it? The length of time it takes to dry your hair depends on how dry it is. You shouldn’t require deep treatments more than once or twice a month if you’re rigorous about conditioning and always use a leave-in conditioner after cleansing. However, if you use a lot of heat on your hair, you should deep condition it at least once a week.


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