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UPLIFT- Herbal Infusion – Silken Tea Bags


An All-day indulgence

Exp  Nov 2022

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A signature blend of time-tested Ayurveda herbs with proven natural benefits. Helps refresh, warm & invigorate the body & mind, promoting positive energies & happiness. Rich in natural anti-oxidants & cooling properties to help improve overall health & well-being. The tangy taste & spicy natural aroma help warm & uplift the senses.

How to Use

Draw fresh cold water into a kettle & bring to boil. Pour boiling water into a clean, dry cup or pot, containing one bag of Herbal Infusion
per person. Use around 200ml of water per bag.
Allow to brew for 5 – 7 minutes and enjoy hot or cold.
Best enjoyed straight or with a bite of natural Palm Sugar or Pure Honey, as desired.
For best results keep pack refrigerated after opening.

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